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Wedding PhotoWhether you choose a still photographer or a videographer, or both, making the choice is not so simple as it may appear.

For your wedding still photography, you need to decide what format you will need or can afford. Digital is now the most common format for wedding photographers. There is a big difference in price between digital, 35mm and larger format films, (due to film, equipment and processing cost differences), but depending on the wedding photographer, and as long as proper lighting and exposure are used, you should not notice any difference in the typical wedding print quality. If you are planning on making prints larger than 8" x 10" be sure the photographer is using a high enough resolution digital camera. It's best to compare prints made with each format.

Wedding PhotoWith a wedding videographer, you can choose the less expensive single camera shoot where all the editing of your wedding video is done as the tape is started and paused at the event. Or, a multiple camera shoot with editing and music added in later for your wedding video with titles and graphics for a complete production like a commercial TV show.

Generally you will also find that even though you pay for the wedding photography and prints or wedding video, you do not own the rights to the photos or recording. You will not be given the negatives or master video and the wedding photographer / wedding videographer owns the copyright. Unless you have a specific contract with the photographer, granting you ownership of the negatives and copyright, this is the industry standard. Be sure you understand this before you hire the wedding photographer or videographer so there are no misunderstandings later when you receive your prints and/or tape. It is illegal to make copies of any copyrighted photo or video without permission of the copyright owner. You will find that photo processors will not make copies of your professional wedding photographs, even on the kiosks where you can make your own prints.


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